Vorlesung Übersetzer II SS 2000 - Folie Nr. 04

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Useful books and electronic material in the web

in der Vorlesung:
Comments on the items:

  • The material for this course will be made available before the corresponding lecture is given.
  • The material of "Übersetzer I (WS 1999/2000)" is a prerequisite for this course.
  • The material of "Übersetzer (WS 1997/98)" covers most of the topics of this course (in German).
  • The book "Übersetzerbau" isn't sold anymore. It is available in the library.
  • The book by Muchnick contains very deep an concrete treatment of most important topics for optimizing compilers.


  • Find the referenced material in the web, become familiar with its structure, and set bookmarks for it.

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